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This page of the museum features photos of old Bunger Factories, Movie Brochures, Magazines, Contest Guides, People, and other paper related items that are in the collection.  This section will be updated periodically.



Five Summer Stories Classic Surf Movie Poster.
Five Summer Stories Movie Poster
Surf Movie.  A Cool Wave of Color Surf Movie Poster from 1964 by Greg Macgillivary

A Cool Wave of Color Movie Poster 1964

John Severson Going My Wave Movie Postcard from 1962.  John Severson produced Surf Safari, Surf Fever and Big Wednesday.
Going My Wave Movie Postcard-1962

John Severson The Angry Sea Surf Movie.  The great surfing movie of 1963 postcard.
The Angry Sea Movie Postcard--1963

Wind and Sea Surfboards Postcard.
Wind an Sea Postcard Front

Wind an Sea Postcard Back

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